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Any type of structure no matter the size or what its made of, can be moved for any reason imaginable.  We've moved stone, brick, log, frame houses, steel buildings and even concrete buildings.

We also own and operate our own machine shop, Bighorn Machine Shop, so if there is a need for some kind of special equipment, we can fabricate and manufacture it exactly the way we need.

In order for us to bid on a project, we will go out to the current location, determine what we are going to need for time and material.  We will start off my measuring the structure - width, length and height. If it is a house, we will look underneath to see how it is constructed.

Then we start figuring out the best way to remove the structure.  We then head over to the new location to see what is needed there. We will also determine what kind of excavation is needed at both location. Sometimes a road needs to be built, trees need to be trimmed or removed or a pile of dirt moved.

Our next step would be to run a route to find the best way to move your structure to its new location.  Depending on the height of the structure, you may have some cost associated with utility companies lifting or taking down lines. The wires can be power lines, cable or telephone. You may have only one of these, all of them or maybe none, just depending on the route we have to take. Sometimes you may even have to take down a signal light, but most of the time, we can maneuver around them. 

Trees are another factor, having a professional tree trimmer come out and trim any trees that would be in the way. We then would be able to give you a bid for your project.

One of the most important factors that go into moving a structure is the route. We have a couple of different ways of hauling your structure.


  • One way is by putting hydraulic dollies up underneath the structure. These dollies can raise and lower independently or simultaneously to keep the structure level or to go over objects such as mail boxes, bridges, over passes, etc.

  • The other method is using what we call "the machine". The machine hooks onto the end of the structure.  It also runs off of hydraulics so it can raise and lower just like the dollies. The Machine can also lower the structure down to where the structure is only a few inches off the ground. Being able to haul the structures so low to the ground, may mean no wire costs to you since we can drive under the wires without coming in contact with them.

  • The length of the structure determines which one we can use.


If we are moving a house, we will have the excavator pre dig the crawl hole or basement. We will drive the house into the hole and then raise the house to the desired level. The foundation crew will then come in and build underneath the house.

After the cement has cured, we will come back and set the house onto the new foundation or basement.

If we use "the machine", we will usually have the concrete crew pre build the foundation and we can just roll over the new concrete using the machine and set the house down.  

We will handle all of the moving permits, you just need to get any building permits required.


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