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Western States Movers uses a unified hydraulic jacking system to raise and lower your structure. This unified jacking system allows for the structures to be raised and lowered evenly, leaving minimal to no cracks at all.

There are many reasons why you may want to raise your structure:

  • You may want to put a basement in for added room in your house.

  • Maybe you need a deeper crawl space or need to replace your existing foundation due to cracking or sinking

There are a few options that we can provide in all of these cases.  

  • OPTION ONE: To raise your structure straight up and crib it off, then excavate underneath and pour the concrete. We then come back and lower the structure back down onto it's new basement or foundation.

  • OPTION TWO: To roll the building to the side, do all the excavation and cement work, roll the structure back over and set it down on the new foundation.

  • OPTION THREE: To support the structure where it sits (no raising of the structure) and dig down underneath the structure for your desired depth.  

We can work with you and help you determine the best method for you.


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